How well do you know Briley?

You already know that Briley manufactures the world’s best chokes…

But did you know that Briley has a great selection of Left Hand guns?
Our left hand guns include Browning, Beretta, Blaser, Benelli, Caesar Guerini, Fabarm, Franchi, and Syren.  If we don’t have the model that you are looking for, we may be able to order it.
We also carry left hand shooting vests.

Stop by the Briley Showroom or call for more information.
Left handed shotguns can be viewed HERE.

Many Chokes do have a thin wall, but only Briley Thinwall chokes are given the name Thinwall.  Thinwall chokes have been installed by the experts at Briley in a barrel that originally had fixed choke, no choke, or a barrel that was cut down.  Thinwall chokes are given a designated name called a Series with a number as a suffix depending on the size i.e. S-1, S-2, S-26 etc.  They are designed to be long enough to produce optimum performance, but do not change the look of the barrel upon installation.  Briley Thinwall chokes are only made for barrels that have been threaded by Briley.  If you have a barrel you think may have Briley Thinwall chokes, but are having trouble identifying which Series it takes, contact the Experts at Briley to help get the correct one.  Choke options include Flush, Extended, Spectrum, Extended Ported, and Helix.  Thinwall chokes are available in either lead shot compatible or all shot compatible (Lead, steel, Tungsten) versions, and will be marked accordingly on the body of the choke.
Available in Stainless Finish, or Black Oxide.

Check it out HERE.

Muzzle Brake Installation
Tigger job
Scope mount and boresight
And more…
Visit us online at, call our Sales Department at 1-800-331-5718, or email us at for more information.

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