Briley Hunting Packages
Briley offers a variety of hunting packages for your shotgun.  Choose from the Minimalistic, Traditional, Elite, Conservation, Turkey, Deer or Hog Wild Hunting Packages.  Options may include Lengthened Forcing Cone, Trigger Job or Match Trigger, EZ Bolt Closer, Oversized Bolt Handle, Fiber Optic Front Sight, Magazine Extension, and chokes specific to your hunt.  Check out BRILEY'S hunting packages on our website, or call the Briley sales department for more information. Do you need a gun to customize?  Call the Briley Showroom: 1-800-331-5718
Briley Hunting Chokes
Briley manufactures a variety of chokes specific to your hunt.
Are you tired of guessing which choke constriction works best for each application?  Our hunting chokes are marked to make it easier for you.

The Helix Hunter chokes are marked for Short-Range, Mid-Range, or Long Range with printed distances for lead shot and Non-Toxic shot.
The Briley Hunting Chokes are marked with the following labels: Quail, Dove, Duck, Pheasant, Goose, Rabbit, Super Turkey, and Slug Sabot.
Please check out our choke pages at or call the Briley sales department for more information.

Briley Match Trigger - Finally there is a trigger worthy of your favorite automatic shotgun!

Did you know that Briley will convert your Semi-Auto shotgun trigger to a Match Trigger?
The Briley Match Trigger comes as close as it can to that found in a fine European style over and under shotgun and should certainly re-kindle positive thoughts of using an automatic. Crisp, light and you will marvel at how quickly it resets with minimal travel. With the use of computer assisted design we have been able to accurately dial in the engagements resulting in desired trigger pulls.
Check it out online here or call our Briley Sales Department.

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