Did you know that Briley manufactures a large selection of Magazine Extensions for your semi-auto?
Magazine Extension finishes include Aluminum in Matte Black, Polished Black, Max 4, Max 5 and APG Camo.  Common sizes include +2, +4, and +6.  Briley will also create a custom length if you prefer.  Carbon Fiber options include +6 or +8, or custom lengths.  Competition Carbon Extensions come in dedicated lengths for 3-Gun purposes.  

Sling Swivels and Barrel Clamps are also available.

Check out the Briley website to select your options.  Please call the Briley sales team if you would like more information or need to order a custom Magazine extension.

Briley Sub-Gauge Tube Sets
Briley produces a variety of sub-gauge tubes for your Over / Under shotgun designed to fit your shooting needs.

Full length options include our Standard Weight, Ultralight, and Ultimate Ultralight sets which are fitted to your specific gun.  The full length fitted tubes are the preferred style for competitive shooters and feature four screw-in chokes per gauge.

Briley Drop-In tubes include Full-Length Companion Style in Ultralight or Standard Weight, and Briley Side-Kick Chamber Inserts which are approximately 12” long (this is a good way to get in the game).  Companion tubes feature screw-in chokes.

You can choose a 3-gauge set or single gauge, whichever fits your needs.

Upgrade your tube set with extended chokes, spectrum chokes, or an Airline approved case to fit your gun and tube set.
Check out our Tube Set information page or call the Briley sales department.

All Briley manufactured products are proudly made in the USA.

Briley makes it easy to choose the right choke for every situation.

Our hunting chokes are marked with “Quail”, “Duck”, “Pheasant “, “Turkey”, etc. to make it easier for you on the big day(s). Have a look on our website!

Our Helix Hunter chokes are available in short, mid and long range for most semi-autos. View them HERE.

For Clay Target Sports we offer Cylinder through Extra Full, and Diffusion chokes. There are several styles to choose from including stainless extended, black oxide, ported, Spectrum for easy identification, Helix and Titanium.  Turn to Briley when you want to choose the correct choke for your game.
Have a look on our website!

Need a storage case for your chokes?  Speed wrench for easy choke changing?  We have that.   But if you want to change chokes without a choke wrench, check out our newest line of chokes -Briley 360Click Chokes.

The 360Click Quick Change Choke System is the fastest interchangeable choke system in the world. No wrench is needed to change chokes making it much faster than conventional chokes.  Check it out here.

Remember to let Briley help you prepare for the task at hand.  Be sure to look at our choke charts at  , call one of our choke specialists in our sales department, and check out the Briley Best Shot app.

The Briley Best Shot App for iPhone and Android lists choke recommendations based on distance, target angle and speed. The app also features video clips showing what the lead looks like on many target presentations.  There is a section to input your specific gun model and choke types for reference.

When you purchase the Briley Best Shot App in the App Store, you will have all these tools at your fingertips. Plus, you get 10% off all in-app choke purchases.
Briley Best Shot App -$4.99


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