How well do you know Briley?

You already know that Briley manufactures the world’s best chokes…

Briley has many makes and models in stock for ladies and youth.  
Ladies specific shotguns come with a variety of stock dimensions that can include higher comb or parallel comb where the cheek meets the stock, tighter grip for smaller hands, shorter length of pull, and different angle where the recoil pad meets the shoulder.

Youth models can feature shorter barrels, shorter stock and length of pull. Some models also include spacers to add as your child grows.

Gun fit is critical when it comes to shooting properly.  Let Briley help you find the right model that fits you best.  Our Gunsmithing department can do alterations including recoil pads, length-of-pull adjustment, and stock bending to help you get the best fit possible.

Call 800-331-5718, email us or come to the Briley Showroom for more information.
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Did you know that Briley is home to Mattarelli USA?
Mattarelli USA is the sole North American distributor of the Mattarelli line of target throwers.

Does your gun club or ranch need new trap machines?  Do you need an entire club set up? How about new control boxes, coin boxes, and voice release systems? Then you have come to the right place! Mattarelli USA offers a full line of machines and accessories.  We also offer installation and service.

Are you looking for machines to rent for range parties, corporate events or registered shoots?  Look no further.   Our machines are available to purchase or rent.

You can reach Mattarelli USA at or by calling 800-331-5718.

View our website HERE

*Cleaning * Refinishing * Annual Service * Gun Fitting * Rejoint Action * Trigger Job and Match Trigger * Choke alterations *  Sight and Bead Installation * Barrel Porting * Recoil Systems * Adjustable Comb * Lengthen Forcing Cones * Bore Match * And More *

Make sure your gun is clean and ready for action when ranges are open again… Briley offers a quick turn-around time of 7 days plus shipping time.  Please note *Quick Cleaning* on your letter of instruction.

Call the Briley sales Department at 800-331-5718 or email smp@briley for more information. 
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