How well do you know Briley?

You already know that Briley manufactures the world’s best chokes…

But did you know that Briley has a showroom with over 350 guns, shooting clothing and accessories?    We feature Browning, Beretta, Blaser, Benelli, Caesar Guerini, Fabarm, Franchi, Winchester, Retay, Fausti, Syren, and can order many others. Stop by or call the Briley Showroom the next time you are looking for anything shooting related.

The newest and hardest hitting hunting chokes to ever hit the market!  The Briley Helix Hunter Choke represents the culmination of countless years of research stemming from both the clay target ranges as well as the waterfowl marshes to bring the market the ultimate hunting choke.  The Briley Helix Hunter series of chokes uses the same Helix porting technology from our infinitely successful line of Helix clay target chokes to help produce a perfect pattern with any type of non-toxic shot.  In addition to the Helix porting, our engineers have incorporated a very specific array of internal geometry which has been designed to give the absolute best performance with any type of non-toxic shot.  To make everything easy, they are available in 3 sizes:  Short-Range, Mid-Range, and Long-Range to help choose the perfect choke for the any hunting scenario.

Check them out HERE.

Our Handgun services include 1911 Reliability Package, Revolver Carry Package, Bluing, Frame work, custom sights, trigger jobs, cleaning, and much more. Call our sales department or click on our Gunsmithing link for more information.

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